AVDP Trailer 2014

The 4th ATHENS VIDEO DANCE PROJECT in collaboration with the Theatre of Athens Fine Art School presents short videodance projects of different genders, dance films and documentaries by renowned artists such as Jiri Kylian, Mary Wigman, Jan Fabre, Nacho Duato, Mathilde Monnier, Samuel Lefeuvre,Akram Khan from Greece, France, Germany, New Zealand, Great Britain, USA, Belgium, Spain, Canada, Buenos Aires, Finland and the Netherlands. Alongside, AVDP2014 festival will provide a place for JAM, performances (STRIKES & PROMENADE) and installations, whose main objective is to develop an artistic dialogue between dance and different art forms. Also, for the first time it opens its doors to the first steps of young artists (KICK-STARTERS) & students (DUCK-STEPS) -also kindly sponsored by the Greek State School of Dance- by presenting their works in the context of the training program, while a videodance workshop will be provided to the students of Athens Fine Art School (15 & 16/2). Team Progressive within transnational partnerships with other international videodance festivals will hosts for each day a videodance project from the 2013 edition of Finnish festival LOIKKA, while the AVDP on TouR program will present some of the AVDP2013 videodance projects in Helsinki (3-6 April).