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ATHENS VIDEO DANCE PROJECT (AVDP) is an initiative founded in 2010 in Athens and has been organised by the Non Profit Organisation BelleVille. AVDP offers the ground for fruitful meetings and dialogue among artists from all over the world. It enhances not only the visibility of the art of videodance, but also the diversity of new media and technologies, the art of contemporary dance and multimedia dance performances, the performance and the cinema.
For the above reasons, there are four programs that reflect the idea of AVDP: the AVDP Festival - International Dance Film Festival, AVDP edu - Educational Program, AVDP on TouR and AVDP in Community / AVDP tv

The AVDP Festival - International Dance Film Festival is held in collaboration with the Theater of Athens School of Fine Arts. During the Festival, videodance works of various genres, dance films, documentaries, dance photo installations, dance performances and installations are presented. At the same time, the PROMENADE action and workshops of dance, videodance, performance and improvisation and composition are organized. The Festival offers space in every hybrid, interactive, technological and innovative project that have as main field of experimentation, the development of the artistic dialogue between dance and other art forms. Since 2010, the Festival has been organized every year, having developed a steadily growing audience with love and interest in new media and dance.

 The AVDP edu - Educational Program is developed throughout the year with the organization of videodance, dance, performance and improvisation and composition workshops, lectures and screenings for students, amateur and professional artists in Greece and abroad and with the organization and implementation of collaborative projects among students / professionals of different arts. In addition, during the AVDP Festival, choreographies of the students of the Professional Dance Schools and the outcome of the workshops of AVDP edu are presented.

 AVDP on TouR starts after the completion of the AVDP Festival and concerns the presentation of a special edition of videodance works in local and international festivals.

 AVDP in Community / AVDP tv, organizes free activities in the local community, enabling residents to experience a new expressive tool and participate in the creation of a video - project that reflects the community itself. At the same time, AVDP tv offers an online way of communicating with the community through the creation of short interviews and documentaries by renowned Greek and foreign authors. The documentation videos are produced by the AVDP team.


Ioannis Karounis
Ioannis KarounisCo-Artistic Director
Elisavet Pliakostathi
Elisavet PliakostathiCo-Artistic Director
Ilona Binenbaum
Ilona BinenbaumFilm Traffic Coordinator