Workshop "Reconstructing the Framed Body"

Κόδρα Fresh 2015
www.athensvideodanceproject.grA 3-day-intensive videodance workshop for fine artists, filmmakers and dancers with Chrysanthi Badeka (freelance performer, choreographer & video-designer).

Videodance by nature is a complex art form. A hybrid that has been developed and become autonomous, offering a boundless field of research and creation for the experimenters, who are mesmerised by the fusion of the arts. A transmedia expressive tool that merges independent artistic events in a totality. The body, the space, the light, the sound, the colour, the costume, the objects and each visual environment are incorporated in a cinematic footprint.
Basic objectives of the workshop will be the familiarity of the participants with the art of videodance, the development of a common code between the artists of the different artistic fields, the experiential exchange of practical knowledge and tools, the improvisation on the triptych body-space-frame, the instant composition of diverse elements, the flexible creative thinking and interaction within the group and finally the fast-speed production of artistic work based on the collaborative and horizontal interaction.

The fine artists need to know how to work on any editing program ( such as final cut pro, prepiere pro etc ) and/or any other program - interactive or not ( such as isandora, 3D Max, After Effects etc). They should provide a laptop with the programs they wish to work installed, as well as any type of camera (DSLR, camcorder, smartphone).The dancers need to be ready to move in front and behind the camera .

All the participants need comfortable clothes, appropriate for moving.

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