Daniel Lepkoff | interview
(Greek Subtitles)
DANIEL LEPKOFF is a dancer, dance maker, improvising performer, teacher, and writer. His work looks at functional movement as a finely tuned physical dialogue with the environment and explores the form and composition of this interaction as a language for making dances. He has developed techniques based on this approach that form a dance practice as well as a research into moving and living in the world. He is known for his commitment to composing dance works that bring the process of living movement onto the stage.

Jukstapoz Co | i

Vicious Cycle - AVDP tv
(Greek Subtitles)
Within this latest work Jukstapoz company journeys into discovering ways of breaking free of a vicious cycle of eternal repetition and the models of behaviour that forever lead us to the same thoughts, acts and mistakes. In this, their second work to be staged at the Onassis Cultural Centre, the choreographers explore whether every new start really is a new beginning.
Co-collaboration with the Onassis Cultural Centre


Akram Khan | interview
(Greek Subtitles)
Video Interview with Akram Khan motivated by the performances he gave in Christmas at the Athens Concert Hall. 

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