The 18th edition of the Festival Quartiers Danses (FQD) places Montreal at the center of its programming. Following the impossibility to present indoor performances due to COVID-19, the FQD turned to digital media and paired 16 local choreographers invited to its 18th edition with 16 Montreal filmmakers in order to create unique co-creations. At the end of these collaborations, these 16 Montreal dance short films are presented to you as world premieres!
2 of the 16 co-creations of the 18th edition will be released everyday at 11 am from 11th to 18th of September on the FQD's website
An overview into the production process of the 16 co-creations of the 18th edition of the Festival Quartiers Danses (FQD). Marc Béland, president and spokesperson of the FQD, discusses with the 33 artists of the programming the affinities and discoveries, image and movement, influences and inspirations. Each interview will be released simultaneously to the release of the co-creation.
11 septembre 11h
TOUCH - Kyra Jean Green x Brittney Canda
Monique - Andrea Peña x Bobby León
+ Entrevues
12 septembre 11h
SOUCHE - Morgane Le Tiec x Xavier Curnillon
Metamorph - Elon Höglund x Stephan Verna
+ Entrevues
13 septembre 11h
Smudge - Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo x Pepper O'bomsawin
Refuge - Sandy Silva x Marlene Millar
+ Entrevues
14 septembre 11h
Hall of Frames - Charles Brecard x Do Phan Hoi
Ombre Verte - Geneviève Gagné x Mateo H Casis
+ Entrevues
15 septembre 11h
Merging bodies - Pauline Gervais x Alexandre Paskanoi
Engrenage³ - Véronique Giasson x Étienne Cantin
+ Entrevues
16 septembre 11h
Threads - Kunal Ranchod x Kes Tagney
Les Proies Meurtries-Hier - Sara Harton x Paolo Santos
+ Entrevues
17 septembre 11h
JONTAE - Kyana Lyne x Siam Obregón
INterLOck - Claire Campbell x Juan David Padilla Vega
+ Entrevues
18 septembre 11h
Scintilla - Jessica Joy Muszynski x Marites Carino
Nwär - Thaïna Rosinvil x N'terludes